3v3UK Scottish Cup
Welcome to the 3v3 UK Scottish Cup.
Our 2nd annual Tournament in Scotland.
This year we are partnering with the Edinburgh Cup
3v3UK Manchester New Year Cup 2022!
Who are 3v3UK?
3v3uk is the UKs largest 3v3 football provider of 3v3 games. Working with the FA, Premier League and Many pro clubs around the country we are excited to bring more 3v3 to your area. The 3v3 format allows the players to get more touches on the ball, improve decision making and have lots more fun as well as 94% ball in play with our unique Airpitch system. With 17 UK licenses and other international licenses each area has an extensive list of programme offerings such as weekly sessions, tournaments, festivals, birthday parties and much more!
3v3UK Scottish Cup Event Details
What is the 3v3UK Nationals?
Team around the UK from u7-u15 qualify through one of our regional events round the country. Winners of these tournaments will then qualify for the 3v3UK Grand Nationals at St. George's Park- The home of England football. Playing against the best grassroot teams from all over the UK, your team could become the 3v3UK National Champions for your age group. The 2024 Nationals will be held on the 31st August and only exclusively available to book if your team is a regional winner!
3v3UK Nationals 2023
3v3uk the nationals.
Our grand finals at st georges park - The home Of England Football.
A brilliant day for 372 players from.around the uk to see who would be our national champions.

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