Tournaments & Festivals

We are the UK's largest 3v3 tournament organiser. Our 2022 Summer tournaments are now all done. Look out for our winter ones coming soon.
Tournament Information
The format makes it fast and fun, the rules make it intense and action packed, the enviroment encourages creativity.
Game time
Teams will play 6-8 games per tournament/festival. Each game is 8 minutes long.
Tournaments have group games followed by semis and finals. Depending on the number of teams at each group there is multiple finals based on position in each group.
Rules of 3v3UK
Games are played on our unique Airpitch system which keeps the ball in play more. If it does go out then the opposition has a kick in.
After each goal the scoring team must retreat to their own goal. If they dont a penalty is given.
Any foul/handball is a half way line open net penalty.
Players can not stand within 1m of their own goal.
You cant score from your own half.
Sin bins- any serious foul play will result in a 3 minute sin bin. The player must leave the pitch and only return once the referee confirms it is ok to do so.
Red cards may be given by referees which will result in a minmum 2 game ban for the individual player.
Squad sizes
Each team can have 3-5 players per squad. Players can only play for 1 team throughout the tournament. Substitustions can be made at any time. The player must leave the Airpitch at the same point the new player comes on. The game does not stop for subs.
Rewards and medals
All players will receive a 3v3UK medal.  Winning teams will receive a team trophy. Prizes will also be given out during the event for top skills seen by 3v3UK staff.
Parents and Spectators
Parents must stand at least 1 metre away from the Airpitches (if the venue allows it)
Any abusive language or behaviour towards officials, opponents or others will not be tolerated.  You will be aske dto leave and your team may be banned without refund.
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