Meet our team

We are the most experienced 3v3 football organizers in Europe with 10+ years of active involvement
  • Mike Melvin
    Co-founder & Managing Director
    Mike is the co-founder of 3v3 UK and has more than 10 years experience in the football tournament and coaching business. He combines his business with his passion for coaching kids in the local grassroots club as well as being league secretary for Manchester Youth Super League.

  • Anders Wennesland
    Anders is the founder of BazookaGoal and the inventor of the 3v3 mobile pitch concept. He organized the first 3v3 national mega-tournament in Norway in 2004 and the first UK mobile pitch tournament fifteen years later. He has been an active lobbyist to convince football federations to introduce 3v3 as official match format for the younger age groups.
Our history
3v3 UK was established as a tournament supplier in 2018, shortly after organizing the first 3v3 Pro club academy tournament with Birmingham City FC.
Already in 2008, we did the first test of 3v3 games at the Umbro Cup 2008 in Manchester and then arranged the first official 3v3 UK tournament at the Manchester International Cup in 2015.

The company went on to organize a range of large-scale 3v3 events, including UK national finals at Liverpool FC Academy in 2019, and Manchester City FC Academy in 2020.
In 2021, we joined forces with Europe’s most experienced 3v3 tournament supplier,, taking on the master franchise for the UK.

Our mission is to accelerate the development of 3v3 football format with the help of franchisees all over the country. We will continue to organize big tournaments as a marketing platform for the brand and to promote the franchise program.

3v3 UK is currently also working with and consulting The English FA with the aim to make 3v3 mandatory game format for the youngest age groups by 2022.
3v3 UK history in pictures 2008-2021
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