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3v3 Europe, in collaboration with BazookaGoal, is the leading supplier for 3v3 specialist training and event equipment.
3v3 AIRPITCH by BazookaGoal
The safest pitch system in the world with only 4 min. inflate time.
83% ball rolling time
3v3 AirPitch football is the most effective training environment for young players
102 touches per player
Every modern football coach knows that ball-touches are key to technical development.
2300 steps per game
3v3 AirPitch football is intense and all players, regardless of skill level, are actively involved.
4 min. Set-up time!
The AirPitch is a new inflatable pitch developed especially for small sided football training, games, and tournaments. 4 minutes inflating time with the two 800w electric pumps included. They stay inflated for for 12 hours+ after pumping up once, with no continuous airstream needed. Our standard sizes are 15x10m. 2 goals version, or 22x17m. 4 goals "FUNino" version. Custom sizes and logos are provided on demand.
Models & Sizes
We have developed the most versatile inflatable pitch-boundary system on the market with a variety of options for your club's needs. Prices from $1999 for complete AirPitches and from $699 for Dividers. Contact us for bulk offers or special club partnership and licensing deals.
  • 1v1 - 10x7m/33x23f
    This 2 goal pitch is ideal for the younger age groups ensuring more touches, passes, and goals.
  • 3v3 - 15x10m/49x33f
    This 2 goal pitch is ideal for the younger age groups ensuring more touches, passes, and goals. Also suitable for 2v2.
  • 4v4 - 20x15m/65x49f
    This 2 goal pitch is ideal for the youngest age groups ensuring more touches, passing and goals.
  • 3v3 - 22x17m/72x56f
    This 4 goal pitch is created for "FUNino" training and games. Also suitable for 4v4 games.
  • 5v5 - 30x20m/98x65f
    This 2 goal pitch is ideal for 5v5 with large goals and keeper. The four corner modules can also be used to create a square training field.
  • SQ - 15x15m/49x49f
    The four corner modules for creative four goals training environment in a square shape with 4 goals.
  • 1v1 PANNA - 6m/20f
    This 1v1 AirPitch is especially created for Panna KO games and training. The two C-Modules can be used in combination with Y-Modules to create multi-pitches.
  • 1v1 BEEHIVE
    The ultimate set-up for entertainment events. Consisting of 6xY-modules forming six 1v1 Panna AirPitches. DJ/Speaker space
    in the middle.
Download page
AirPitch and BazookaGoal catalogs and USD price lists for online reading or PDF download.
View the online catalog or download as PDF on the next page.
View the online catalog or download as PDF on the next page.
View the online price list or download as PDF on the next page. 
View the online price list or download as PDF on the next page.
Unbeatable for quality, functionality, and safety, these AirPitches will last you for 10+ years of fun, intense small-sided game play and training.
  • Heavy duty PVC
    The AirPitches are constructed from heavy duty PVC materials intended for professional event use and will last for 10+ years. In case of accidental damage, they can easily be patched and repaired.
  • Safest on the market
    The AirPitches are simply the safest boundaries system on the market. Fall on it. Sit on it. Jump on it, these pitches will never cause harm to even the youngest players.
  • 5-10min. set-up time.
    Every AirPitch comes with two 800w pumps included to ensure the fastest set-up time possible. This means 4-5 minutes for the 15x10m. and 8-9 minutes for the 22x17m. After inflating, there is no need for continuous airflow and they stay up for 24+ hours.
  • Compact storage.
    After use, simply roll up the deflated parts and store them, or transport them in your car. Due to the heavy duty materials, each of the rolls weighs about 20kg, so we recommend using a simple trolley or similar.
Order Form
Fill out this form if you are interested in ordering the AirPitch system. We produce these and delivery on-demand from our factory. Limited stock might be available for immediate delivery. This is a non-committing form. We will contact you back with more details of the order process, including deposit payment and special requests.
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Meet our team
We are the most experienced 3v3 football organizers in Europe with 15+ years of active involvement
  • Finn Ove Softing
    Finn Ove is arguably the world's most experienced 3v3 tournament organizer. Since he founded 3v3 Norway in 2012, he has been personally running more than 200 mega-events with a total participation of 400000+ players. He is also organizing the national 3v3 Santander League on behalf of the Norwegian FA.
  • Anders Wennesland
    Anders is the founder of BazookaGoal and the inventor of the 3v3 mobile pitch concept. He organized the first 3v3 national mega-tournament in Norway in 2004 and the first UK mobile pitch tournament fifteen years later. He has been an active lobbyist to convince football federations to introduce 3v3 as official match format for the younger age groups.
  • Hardy Bruening
    3v3 Director
    Hardy has 10 years experienced as event coordinator in the Real Madrid Clinics Western Europe and is now the Director of 3v3 Germany. He has organized a number of mega-tournaments on behalf of the German FA and combines his time as Sales Manager for BazookaGoal.
  • Mike Melvin
    3v3 UK Director
    Mike is the founder MYSL, one of the most successful football leagues in the UK, and recently took on the 3v3 UK master franchise. He combines his business with his passion for coaching kids in the local grassroots club and is co-founder of 3v3 Europe.
  • Enno Aas
    Managing Director
    Enno is the backbone of the company, handling all administration and logistics from his base Estonia.
  • BazookaGoal Company
    Official Supplier
    BazookaGoal is a football equipment producer specializing in small-sided training goals and equipment. We have been pushing innovation since 2011 and we will continue to actively support the development of the 3v3 format with discount- and sponsor-funding programs for all grassroots clubs.
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