Sales Report Q1
We give a brief sales report so far in 2022 and news regarding future potential sales.
VW custom goal deal!
This is the biggest news of the month and we dare to announce it even though it is not yet 100% signed. The national team sponsor and brand giant VW has confirmed a 1000 unit custom goal order via our big retailer 11teamsports.

For this campaign they will give away BazookaGoals to all their dealers in Germany. This is a massive marketing opportunity since VW has a big football sponsorship budget and it is a foot in the door for 3v3.
11teamsport preorder
The sales are going very well in 11teamsport and they have sent us a pre-order for the rest of 2022 containing 2000 units 120x75 and 1300 units 150x90.

They are very happy with BazookaGoal and wants to do much more business with us both B2C and B2B plus other markets.

Man. City Order!

36 custom goals 5x3 to Manchester City Soccer Academy in USA.

I have worked hard to establish a personal relationship with the head of the Man. City Soccer Academy USA John Dyke from England. He is hired by City Football Group who owns a network of 5aside centers all over the country where they organize the Soccer Academies. This is only the beginning he told me.

The FA Project
Mike has signed on more Regional FAs and we expect to have around 20-25 contracts by the end of 2022.

We have also organized more FA Lionesses TalentID events using our 3v3 UK set up and equipment. This is going so well that they want us to continue into 2023.

We keep in contact with Peter Sturgess in the FA and we are by far the first in line for partnership when they being the 3v3 piloting.
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