Product Development
We give a brief report of the existing product development status, including TorpedoNet, PannaGoal, Aluminium Goals, as well as new Rebounder and spring stopper designs.
We made an executive decision to scrap the armadillo joint and create a mini Bazooka joint with pannagoal features instead.

Yannis is creating the 3D print to test the final prototype and then we start tooling.

Abe has been in the discussion and is 100% onboard and happy with this decision (which I probably should have done a long time ago).
TorpedoNet needed a better wheel solution which Yannis has created.

We are still waiting for the final full production sample from China after some delays with getting the right netting.
This is work in progress and we had to down priorities this due to the Pannagoal and Torpedonet.
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