Market Strategy
Discussion around company structures and strategy 3v3 World, 3v3 USA, 3v3 France, Italy, Denmark.
Our initial thoughts is that 3v3 World will be a company which will get the main income from dividend from ownership of 3v3 national companies. In addition, a licensing fee which will contribute to the company's marketing and development power.
Parklife 31%
Justification: 3v3 World will be a Licensing Management and Advertising company that needs to be completely separate from Parklife Innovations. Parklife gets a "free ride" thanks to the investments of time and resources done up until now. BazookaGoal will also get a lifetime exclusive supplier status, obviously benefiting Parklife. I suggest that AirPitch sales remain a Parklife property because we want 3v3 World to focus and nurture the core business of license management and advertising.

Anders 20%
Justification: I have spent nearly 20 years of my life developing the 3v3 concept, investing 10 years of time and resources before Parklife existed. I have the vision and ambition to make this a big success. I will contribute my time within a BOD structure, plus the organic connection of BazookaGoal/AirPitch sales and 3v3 market expansion. I will also develop operational manuals for everyone involved. I believe I can do this without "stealing" too many work hours from Parklife management. Note: Parklife and Anders will have a combined 51% which will ensure some control.

Hardy 15%
Justification: Hardy has proven effective when it comes to finding highly networked and experienced people, like for 3v3 France and 3v3 Italy, and he also has been an invaluable discussion partner for me around 3v3 development. He also developed the AirPitch and found the producer in China. 3v3 World will take over the 51% ownership of 3v3 Germany, which means that we will have a good control of Hardy's time management and use the German market success as a fuel for our expansion.

Strategic investors: 34%
Justification: 3v3 World has to be self-sustained from day one and we therefore need 2-3 people employed to handle our obligations and to actively work on market expansion. To make this happen, we need considerable capital which can only come from an investor. PS: There is no reason why Parklife could not be part of this to increase shareholding. We need to make a business plan with a budget to show the revenue potential worldwide and a timeline for development based on this.

3v3 National Licensees Status
Partners are recruited and ready to go. More info under Staff/Consulting.
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